Why Point Line Plane?

Julie Peasley, Point Line Plane math shop proprietress

I am a graphic designer living in the high desert of lower California. Because I love designing infographics and I also love mathematics, I started a shop that combines them both. In my products, nothing is arbitrary and the math drives the design, resulting in a merging of science and art. So much of math is beautiful and doesn't require the knowledge of equations or formulas. In fact, the entire world is built on an invisible mathematical framework. With my designs, I hope to lift that veil and give you food for thought on what we currently know about higher dimensions, symmetries, geometry and infinity. 

Infographics, or information graphics, are part of a larger discipline known as information design. One of the best definitions of my aspiration as an infographic designer is summarized by Sheila Pontis:
"... the field concerned with facilitating understanding in order to help people achieve their goals by translating raw or disorganized data into forms that can be rapidly perceived, understood, processed, and used. Information design work of any kind seeks to enhance understanding—of a situation, concept, space, place, time, quantity, phenomenon—for an intended audience."
(Thank you to Jen Christiansen for providing this quote in her book Building Science Graphics.)

To view my infographic design work, please visit my design portfolio at juliepeasley.com