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HYPERDIAMOND Holographic Sticker

HYPERDIAMOND Holographic Sticker

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The hyperdiamond is the 6th Platonic solid, existing in the 4th dimension only. Seriously, it doesn't exist in any other dimension... NONE. Is it truly an exclusive object. But it can be yours with our holographic sticker.

Also known as the 24-cell, icositetrachoron, octaplex and polyoctahedron. It is made of 24 octahedral cells, 6 meeting at each vertex. With a total of 96 triangular faces, 96 edges and 24 vertices.

3 x 2.66" die cut sticker.

Premium, vinyl stickers are durable and long-lasting, kiss-cut for easy peeling. Perfect for laptops, water bottles, bicycles and more.

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